About Alameda Street Smarts

Alameda Street Smarts is about all transportation modes–auto, ferry, bus, rail, BART, bicycling, walking, and more. How do you move in and around Alameda?

Jon @ Caltrain, February 2012. Photo courtesy of Transform and photographer Brandon Matthews. Copyright Transform 2012.

Jon Spangler has been walking, bicycling, driving, and taking transit in Alameda since 1997.

He represents Alameda County on the BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force.

Jon is a BikeAlameda member, a community activist, and he teaches bicycling with the League of American Bicyclists and East Bay Bicycle Coalition when he’s not writing and editing with his wife and business partner, Linda Hudson. They live within walking distance of Stone’s Cyclery, Tucker’s Ice Cream, and Peet’s Coffee.

Look for Jon on his classic steel-framed Peugeot bike, riding to the Tuesday Alameda Farmer’s Market and other destinations around Alameda, wearing his orange vest and taking the lane.

Jon’s comments here are as accurate as possible and represent only his personal views. Your comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. View Jon’s LinkedIn profile here.



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